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Why 22Dragons?

The number 22 is also known as the “Master Builder” number. It represents alignment with eternal wisdom and cosmic knowledge so that they can be integrated into everyday reality. Through the unification of the spiritual and material realms, this number exemplifies the possibility of bringing the magic of elevated consciousness into manifested form.

Dragons represent the magical and mystical - that indescribable quality of transcendence that lies within each of us. They are powerful beings holding the fire of transformation within. They are able to elevate, and their ability to exist interdimensionally represents our own ability to move beyond the illusion of the material into the realms of expanded consciousness.  

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22Dragons Are:

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Co-founder / Consciousness Communicator / Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher

After studying many energy and mindfulness techniques and experiencing drastic improvements in my personal life, I have developed a passion for sharing what I have learned with others. While attending a workshop in 2013, I also began hearing and communicating with a collective consciousness of deep wisdom called the Alora.


They share information, perspective, and profound insights far beyond anything I have known, and my life has been transformed because of them. I love sharing their wisdom and insights with those who are open to receiving them. Through listening and holding space for people who are looking to understand themselves and their lives in a new way, I assist individuals in learning how to tune into their own inner-wisdom. We all have this capability, and it is foundational to transforming our reality (both individually and collectively). By providing energetic support, tailored techniques, and intuitive guidance, I will support you in attuning to this elevated frequency. It is from this vantage point that you find the fire within, and this is where great change occurs. I have learned that when you start by attending to your internal environment, the world around you listens. I look forward to supporting you on this journey.

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The Alora

Eternal Wisdom in Expression

Who are we?

We are the vibration of Truth that sings in all realms waiting patiently to be discovered.


We are an offering, an invitation, a calling to the eternalness of all beings eager for a journey in exploration and expansion.


We carry no dogma, no regulations of spirit, no requests of self-contempt or self-punishment, for we find no value in the diminishment of the beauty that is you.


This work, instead, is put forth with the intention of removing the veil of misunderstanding that separates you from the experience of all that you are.


We stand as a reminder of the light within you, of the light that is you, and we hold this knowing on your behalf gently awaiting your remembrance.  

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Co-founder / Multidimensional Integration/ Performance Psychology

My lifelong pursuit has been to uncover the truths behind this reality. This pursuit has led me to engage with different energetic and spiritual practices (some more traditional, some more esoteric), as well as scientific endeavors (I have a Master of Science with a Specialization in Performance Psychology). 


Over the last several years, I started having experiences which hinted more specifically at the transformation that we can now see is in motion. This involved several exciting experiences, including a bilocation event, visions about the transformation that is in motion, and an alignment with a collective consciousness calling itself “The Light Council”. Lauren and I suspect that The Light Council and The Alora are at least in alignment with each other, if not the same entity, as their messages tend to be in resonance.


I incorporate my background, my experience, and the real-time flow of energy and information as I'm working. 


I look forward to sharing space and time with you in order to more fully uncover the truth of who and what we are and learn to allow that amazing experience into everyday reality!

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