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Finding the Phoenix

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Finding the Phoenix is a descriptor of the true nature of things underneath the material realm. When you think of the Phoenix rising from the ash, what you are truly pointing to is the essence behind matter. Have you ever looked at a tree and wondered what is the force that holds the tree in place? What is underneath it? For all trees still are. Every tree that has ever stood, every tree that has ever been, still is in essence. Its essence remains. The true nature underneath the matter.

This is what you are all seeking. You are looking for the Phoenix. You are looking to understand who and what you truly are behind what you call yourselves to be. As Buddha taught, the tree is not the tree, it is simply called the tree. You are not you, you are simply called you for this brief moment in time. To find the Phoenix is to be aware of the truth that the essence behind what holds this realm in place is much closer to your true nature than the material form that you stand as. Than the material form that you create around you. Than the houses that you build, than the jobs that you hold, than the careers that you hold up as your accomplishment and right to be.

Your true nature is what guides you to live the life of wonder and exploration that you came here to experience. Your true nature is what constantly expands. But when you attempt to force it into a box of identification, then you end up finding yourself bursting at the seams, because your box will not fit you forever. So the world that you create around you as the identity of you - this is me, this what I will call myself as, this is how I will understand that I am here - becomes your prison of sorts. Because as your essence is constantly expanding, as consciousness is constantly expanding - constantly rising - then there is no container that can hold it. Infinity and beyond. There is nothing that you can build that could be big enough to contain it. You cannot point to its edges for its edges are constantly changing.

So even your constructs of space and time do not apply. Those are edges that cannot hold the truth of the nature of what you are - of the nature of all that is. So when you find yourself in deep despair because the ground that is underneath your feet is shaking, recognize that it is only because you are clutching to the container that cannot hold you. The more that you can shed your identifications - understanding that in order to navigate this world you may call things what you call them but that does not mean that that is what they are - when you can hold this knowledge, when you can hold this space, when you can hold this perspective, you can stand as the Phoenix, you can stand as the Dragon, you can stand as the essence. Ever changing. Ever growing. Ever transforming.

You can be on the journey to the edges without it being an uncomfortable place to stand. The pandemic that you find yourselves in does not need to be agonizing. It does not need to cause grand disruption unless you are clutching and grasping to that which you have known as the only way you can stand - as the only way that you can be happy. You must allow the ground the rumble, you must give yourself permission to rise. You must stand in a constant state of release, letting go of even that conception. And then that one. And then that. And then that. For when you are willing to hold conception lightly, meaning that you allow it to be without grasping it as truth, then you stay in touch with the deeper flow which carries you to everything that you have ever wanted and more.

You came here as expansion. You stand here as expansion. You will remain in a state of constant expansion as you transform out of the material body that you find yourselves in, still expanding. So release the fears that bind you and give yourselves permission to explore this reality from a new vantage point. To move into a deeper understanding. To allow the ash to be at your feet and behold the essence. Behold the Phoenix. This is how you elevate, and this is how you transcend.

You are these things already. The word transformation, while true, points to the transformation of your experience. You are already this. So stick to the edges, release your grasp, and allow yourself to elevate. Find the Phoenix. We appreciate your time.


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