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  1. The art of soaring that results in seeing everything from a new vantage point.

  2. A gathering of dragons.

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We are looking for the visionaries - the idealists. We are looking for those of you who have always known that this reality could be different - that more is possible.

The time has come for these possibilities to be realized.


As the world changes around us, we are being called to change as well. Together, we are elevating our consciousness in order to manifest the magic and explore the mysteries of the unlimited possibilities of existence. So, if you feel the ground shaking beneath your feet, know that it’s the world’s way of telling you it’s time for you to fly.



Dragons encompass the magical, mysterious, and the undefinable. Dragons carry the fire of transformation within - the power to remove what is not in order to see what is.  


They stand between dimensions, aligned with eternal wisdom. They invite us to align with it as well so that it can be brought forward into this reality.

It is time for all of us to learn to tap into our own inner dragon.


This reality is currently being bombarded with waves of energy and information. We are waking up from a dream. As the facades of illusion are crumbling, a reality full of new experiences is knocking. This is how consciousness evolution happens.

It is time to align everyday experience with radically expanding consciousness.

Our work includes exploring new possibilities, navigating the shift, orienting to new experiences, and stabilizing the upgraded frequency.

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